What is the general turn around time?

When we receive your order, with shipping included, it should arrive within 3-4 weeks. If your cards have been ordered to trade in an upcoming tournament and are within the 2 week shipping timeframe, we will ship them for pick up at the tournament location and send out emails as to where they will be made available.

How do I get my info on the trading cards?

Once you check out, click on the appropriate sport button. ( ie.. baseball ) this will take you to our trading card form. Fill in all of the mandatory info and what optional info you want on the card, then select 2 or 3 picture we can use for front and back of the card. HIt submit and we will work on the card and return a proof via email usually with 48 hours.

Is the 100 or 150 cards for the entire team?

The card amount you select is per player. This gives each player a sufficient amount to trade with other team players during tournament play. For ordering more than those two amounts simply select the number of cards. For example: 2 cards @ 100 will get you 200 cards.

Can we purchase cards with our team picture?

Sure! Send us an email and let us know you would like to order team pictures. We will send you the info needed for the back of the card. You can go to team banners and then tell us the style of card you desire. We will instruct how to order the cards. So reach out to us first if your are ordering "team cards" and not individual cards per player.

What if you cannot deliver before the World Series Event?

If we cannot ship directly to you before the event and you have ordered within the timeframe to get your cards, we will have them at the scheduled World Series for pick up. We will let you know via email where you will be able to pick your cards up. You will have them before the opening ceremonies to trade.

How do I know if my picture is good enough quality?

If you're not sure if the picture is of good enough quality, go ahead and send it in anyway! You must submit a picture in order for you to complete your form; so send us what you have and our graphic designers can determine if its needs a higher resolution.

My card was not printed correctly, what do I do?

With every card we strive to make them correct the first time. We are copying and pasting the information you provided for the card so make sure everything is spelled correctly before you submit. Once you recevie a proof, look it over for correctness, this is the time to make any changes before we go to press. Once you have approved the proof, it will be printed as is and you assume full responsibility. If there was an error on our part, we will reprint these at no cost to you.

Can we add a sponsor logo for the back of the card?

Yes, please indicate that you would like this to go on all the cards ordered by a specific team. Then send the logo with the trading card form and pictures. Sending us a list of team members that will be getting this special logo on the back does help in keeping on top of this request.

Do I need to place an order for the whole team or can each player order individually?

You can place the order for the entire team, then we will give you a link to share with your parents so they can fill out the information we need to complete the card. Or you can let each parent go through the vey simple process of paying and filling out the info themselves. We find it'is easier to have the parents fill out for themselves but both ways will work fine for us.

Do you cut out the backgrounds of the pictures or do we need to?

We will cut out the backgrounds of all your pictues, you don't have to worry about the background when taking the picture, just make sure the picture looks very clear to you and we will take it from there.